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Fact sheets


Vaccines at a Glance

US Bexsero Fact Sheet

US Menveo Fact Sheet

US Meningococcal Disease Fact Sheet

US Meningococcal Group B Fact Sheet

Bexsero Fact Sheet

Untold Toll of Meningococcal Disease Fact Sheet

Meningococcal Disease Fact Sheet

Value of Vaccines Fact Sheet

Holly Springs Site Fact Sheet

Cell-Culture Techology Fact Sheet

Seasonal Influenza Fact Sheet

Fluad Fact Sheet

Flucelvax Fact Sheet

Liverpool Fact Sheet

MF59 Fact Sheet


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Disease & products

disease & products

Learn about meningitis, influenza, rabies, TBE and japanese encephalities.

About Novartis Vaccines


Novartis Vaccines is the world's fifth-largest vaccines business.

Business Development & Licensing


Finding new partnership to develop new vaccines is one of the BD&L team mission.