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About Novartis Vaccines

About Novartis Vaccines

Novartis Vaccines educational grants


Novartis Vaccines endorses the PhRMA Code for Interactions with Healthcare Professionals and the ACCME Guidelines.

Novartis Vaccines seeks to provide support to organizations active in the areas of vaccine science, education, and/or delivery. Criteria for a grant request include:

  1. Clear link between the proposed activity and patient benefit
  2. Activity within a preventative/therapeutic area of interest to Novartis Vaccines
  3. Evidence of a scientifically sound needs assessment consistent with general public health/scientific practice*
  4. Post-intervention assessment to measure and report impact for educational programs*
  5. Effective, proven, and/or innovative approaches in design and/or content to achieve project goals

The Novartis Vaccines Educational Grant Request Review Committee does not review requests for or provide funding for:

  • Individuals
  • Investigator-initiated research support
  • Charitable/philanthropic support including donations and corporate donations
  • Sponsorship agreements such as requests to purchase booths, tickets, or signage for fundraising events
  • Personal travel, service contracts, entertainment, capital or operating expenses, textbooks, professional development, and recognition awards
  • Accredited CME providers (or educational partners or any sister companies) who are now or have been in the past 6 months the advertising agency of record for, or is otherwise involved in, promotional/commercial activities with Novartis Vaccines
  • Grants that encourage or influence or are for the sole purpose of developing a relationship with or rewards any recipient with respect to purchase, administration, or recommendation for formulary placement for any Novartis Vaccines product or service
  • Grants which provide a unique benefit to or underwrite the business of a recipient or customer
  • Grants that assist in the development of an applicant's business
  • Grants that promote Novartis Vaccines products and/or services
  • Grants to an individual to attend a conference or a scientific meeting
  • General website maintenance, institutional overhead, computers, software or any other capital expense

* For grants involving continuing medical education credits.





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