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About Novartis Vaccines

About Novartis Vaccines

Business conduct

Novartis responsible business practice

We strive for high performance with high integrity. In line with this commitment, we operate a company-wide integrity and compliance program. During 2007, Novartis associates worldwide completed more than 202 100 e-learning courses in various integrity and compliance topics. Each Novartis division has its own marketing code.

Business practice


Business integrity and values are key drivers of success for Novartis. Our values, Code of Conduct, business-conduct policies and standards guide our associates in their activities and performance. High standards of integrity are central to achieving responsible research, sourcing, production, distribution, marketing and sales activities.

Ethical marketing practices

As a pharmaceutical company, we are responsible for providing accurate information and education to healthcare professionals and consumers.

As well as adhering to the principles of ethical business conduct outlined in our Code of Conduct, Corporate Citizenship Policy and Guidelines, Novartis Pharma associates are guided by the specific standards for marketing activities described in the Novartis Pharma Promotional Practices Policy (NP4). Similar policies are in place for the other Novartis divisions.

Third-party management

Novartis is a global company with operations in more than 140 countries. We deal with a large network of suppliers and other third parties that contribute to our success. The way we purchase supplies and contract out operations influences our cost and pricing structures and affects our reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. Because of this, third-party management is a key element of our commitment to corporate citizenship, as outlined in our Third-party Code of Conduct and our Corporate Citizenship Guideline on Third-party Management.

Complaints handling

We support an open culture in which employees are required to report violations and are protected from retaliation or penalties. We believe this is key to deterring and preventing misconduct, and provides associates with the confidence that action is taken.

The Business Practices Office provides our company with a formalized system for dealing with complaints of actual or suspected cases of misconduct. It offers employees and external stakeholders a channel through which grievances and allegations can be submitted, without fear of reprisal or penalty. All complaints are investigated and substantiated cases are brought up to management so that appropriate action can be taken.

Integrity telephone lines have been introduced in 70 countries granting employees the option of reporting allegations in 51 languages. Confidential messages can be left for the Business Practices Officer (BPO), who endeavors to respond within 72 hours. The BPO generally aims to turn around each case within eight weeks.


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Meningitis disease

Meningitis disease

Fighting against meningitidis by finding novel treatments is one of Novartis Vaccines priority.

Culture & values

Culture & values

We provide medicines to treat and prevent diseases, ease suffering and improve quality of life.

About Novartis

About Novartis

We provide medicines to treat and prevent iseases, ease suffering and improve quality of life.